Bartley Enterprise Drug and Alcohol Testing
Construction Companies
Many construction companies in Louisiana, depend on us to provide the services they need to keep their employees compliant.
Oilfield Companies
Oilfield companies throughout Louisiana use our service to keep their employees safe in a dangerous environment.
Have Paperwork You Need Done 
We provide a fully fuctional office for your use at no charge.  We know that you have a job to complete and getting the necessary paperwork done is part of that job.  This is an added,  free service we offer our clients to help them "get the job done".  Internet, phone, fax and copier, are all at your disposal.  Just bring your laptop and you are set to go!
Quality and Professional
We Always Put Your Company First
We are not open to the general public, so that we can dedicate all of our time and resources to see that YOUR company demands are met in a professiona, timely and affordable manner.  We extend our business hours so that ALL of your employees are processed.  We can open early and stay late...because YOUR company needs come FIRST! 
  1. 1
    Breath Alcohol Testing
    Our collectors are Breath Alcohol Technician certified. We utilize the Intoxilyzer 400 PA for all of our testing, assuring fast, accurate results in minutes.
  2. 2
    Rapid Urine Drug Screens
    We can test from 1-10 panel of abused drugs with our testing. If you have specific drugs you need tested for, we can meet those needs. Results in minutes.
  3. 3
    Lab Based Urine
    We can send all DOT and/or non-DOT urines to our SAMHSA certified lab for testing.
  4. 4
    Hair Follicle Testing
    Many companies now require hair follicle drug testing along with the urine testing. This gives a 90 day window into drug use of your employee. Results typically within 48-72 hours.
  1. Construction
  2. Oilfield
  3. Industrial
Lets Work Together
CALL:  318-646-4025 NOW to discuss how WE can help you keep your company moving forward.  We look forward to hearing from you!